Welcome to NBAUK Site

NBAUK is a non-profit making independent organisation established and registered in the UK. It aims to maintain regular links with the Department for the Trade and Industry or similar government ministry for the UK, prominent UK enterprises, local business communities and chambers of commerce, the Institute of Asian Businesses and other organisations. It also aims to represent Nepalese business communities at various forums and boards.

With the recent increase in new arrivals within the community, there has been a significant growth in the number of Nepalese entrepreneurs in the UK, and the trend seems to continue in the foreseeable future. Nepalese Business Association UKIt appears that the majority of new businesses is having to fight its way through without any reliable source of support to depend on.

The NBAUK aims to promote awareness of, and facilitates solutions to, the business needs of its members and the wider Nepalese business community.

Research shows that businesses that seek out and take up advice or assistance have succeeded in developing and expanding as well as creating jobs and prosperity across the region that they have grown in.

We intend to ensure that all Nepalese businesses are aware of the help and support that are available to them through NBAUK. It would only be possible if it could be ensured that business men and women from all sectors of our community became involved in our unique endeavours.

There is a sense of passion running throughout the Nepalese business community and a desire to thrive and move forward in the competitive business environment.  NBAUK is set to build on the success of local entrepreneurs in our community, and our objective is also to act as a consultative advisory group, putting forward ideas to policy-makers and economic regeneration groups on behalf of our members.

Forthcoming Events

NBAUK members are awaiting for the annual gathering of its members in the UK.

Who is going to be the winner of the prestigious NBAUK entrepreneur of the year for 2010/11? Start spreading noise around. The decision may be placed to the popular vote at the end. Do you have someone on mind?

NBAUK would to recognise a best UK Nepalese chef, and the participate should be currently working in fast-food or restaurant, and have a past working experience either from UK or Nepal.
If you like to nominate, contact Mahendra at mkandel@nabuk.org