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Press Releases - NBAUK


Press Release - 25 December 2010

This year’s Annual General Meeting of Nepalese Business Association UK (NBAUK) was held at the south east of London to celebrate the third year of its formation, and to elect a new committee to lead it through the next three years.

The programme started with the President of the Association, Mr Narendra Kandel, extending a warm welcome to participants including the non-members on behalf of the Association. The turnout was unexpectedly high and the new entrepreneurs in particular were seen to be actively involved at the event.

The final meeting of the old committee was called by the General Secretary, Arun Nyaupane, who invited the Treasurer to submit his account for the previous year. Mr Karna Shahi highlighted the fact that the members had to be active in their financial contribution and fundraising for the betterment of the Association and its set goals.

Presenting his report on the Committee’s work over the last three years, the President of the Committee, Mr Kandel hailed the achievements and excellent work done by the Association in bringing together all Nepalese business entrepreneurs in the UK and engaging with those in other countries. He particularly highlighted the outstanding work carried out by Rajendra Acharya, the vice-President, in promoting the global association of the Association and the progress in internationalising NBA Global (NBAG). He promised to promote the full scope of the national committees of various countries bringing them together under NBAG, in which NBAUK will be playing a leading role. Mr Kandel also revealed how well the NBAUK Annual Awards had gone down and was anticipated by the Nepalese business community.

An election committee was formed up with some of the distinguished Nepalese business persons in the UK including Mr Hom Sharma, Karna Shahi and Romnath Pandey, which conducted a due election process and discussion on the proposed new committee. The gathering unanimously approved of the new committee of 2010 - 2013 that encompassed a full breadth of the Nepalese business community in the UK.


NBAUK Press Release – 1st May 2008, London


Dear Business Colleagues,

On behalf of all Nepalese business men and women residing in the UK, we would like to congratulate the people of Nepal, the participating political parties and all the winning candidates on the successful completion of the historic Constituent Assembly (CA) election. We would also extend commiserations to all groups and individuals that accepted the challenge of this important democratic exercise, but were unable to win a seat at the upcoming Assembly.  A special note of congratulations must go to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) for enduring the hardship of taking a bold decision of participating in the mainstream democratic process and then becoming the largest single political party in the Assembly.

We would take this opportunity to urge the winning political parties to ensure that the new constitution fully and completely represents the will of the business people. Further, we welcome the commitments expressed by the CPN(M) on teaming up with private sector, making tireless efforts in bringing in foreign investments and creating a favourable environment for developing new and existing businesses. We also welcome the commitments of Nepali Congress, CPN (UML) and all other parties for their share of future developments in the political, economic and financial sectors of the country.

We ask the Government of Nepal not to take hasty decisions of promulgating adverse polices for the Nepalese commerce and industries that will harm the growth of its overall economy, while we stress the need for the security apparatus to effectively thwart all types of harassment to the local, national and multinational businesses from different corners by guaranteeing adequate security for them. Finally, we would assure that NBAUK will extend its full cooperation to the future government of Nepal


Formation Day Press Release - 26 December 2007

26 December 2007, London.   A meeting of Nepalese business entrepreneurs in the UK has put the final touch on formation of Nepalese Business Association UK (NBAUK). The meeting also elected an executive committee of NBAUK consisting of 6 advisors and 25 full members including two women entrepreneurs.

The meeting chaired by Mr Bishnu Karki and facilitated by MR Fatta Thapa discussed the importance of the formation of NBAUK and range of possibilities it may have in assisting new business men and women in the growing Nepalese community starting up fresh ventures in the UK. The newly elected president of the NBAUK, Mr Narendra Kandel welcomed everyone and explained the core aims and objectives of the Association laid out to meet the challenges in modern business sector, while a presentation given by Mr Arun Nyaupane highlighted the areas in which the Association could help existing businesses grow further with the help of NBAUK.

NBAUK is a non-profit making independent organisation which aims to maintain regular links with the Department for the Trade and Industry or similar government ministry for the UK, prominent UK enterprises, local business communities and chambers of commerce, the Institute of Asian Businesses and other organisations. It also aims to represent Nepalese business communities at various forums and boards.

NBAUK will attempt to ensure that all Nepalese businesses in the UK are aware of the help and support that are available to them through NBAUK. It would only be possible if it could be ensured that business men and women from all sectors of our community became involved in our unique endeavours.

NBAUK membership is widely accessible to an incorporated or unincorporated body of persons or an individual currently engaged or aspiring to engage in business and trade, including provision of professional services in the United Kingdom.

The NBAUK will host regular meetings and AGMs to be followed by Annual Dinner and Awards ceremony, which are considered to be the most prestigious occasion in the organisation's events calendar.  The award ceremony, in particular will appreciate the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs in the community.



Forthcoming Events

NBAUK members are awaiting for the annual gathering of its members in the UK.

Who is going to be the winner of the prestigious NBAUK entrepreneur of the year for 2010/11? Start spreading noise around. The decision may be placed to the popular vote at the end. Do you have someone on mind?

NBAUK would to recognise a best UK Nepalese chef, and the participate should be currently working in fast-food or restaurant, and have a past working experience either from UK or Nepal.
If you like to nominate, contact Mahendra at